Chris and Ashlee Wedding

Ever since I shot Chris and Ashlee’s engagement photos, I’d been looking forward to shooting the wedding, even though I was scared witless, having never shot one before. I had a ton of fun shooting it though, and it was a lovely ceremony.

First up are some shots of people getting ready; mostly the ladies, but I got a shot of the gentlemen as well!

The ceremony was officiated by a friend of all of ours, which makes it extra fun! There were bagpipes and lots of kilts, and it was pretty cool. Most of the weddings I’ve attended have been more traditionally Christian, so it was awesome to see something different, though it meant I wasn’t ever really sure what was coming next!

The reception was a lot of fun, and my favorite part was when the groom was like, “KATIE ARE YOU READY?” and I was already taking pictures. Also, those wedding cupcakes were delicious, just saying.

Like I said, it was a blast! I’m so glad I got the opportunity to do this for them, but I think I’m all set on shooting weddings for a looooong time.

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