Chris and Ashlee

Meet Chris and Ashlee! They’re getting married in October, and I’ll have the honor of shooting their wedding! It’ll be my first wedding, and I’m extremely excited, but extremely terrified at the same time.

In preparation, I wanted to take some time to shoot a few photos of them, to get a feel for how they photograph. They had already had their photos taken for the invitations and announcements and the such, but I’m glad we took the time to do a second engagement shoot, as I learned quite a few things that will make their wedding photos that much better.

The top three things I learned about them from this practice shoot? 1) They look better in warm tones. 2) My camera doesn’t like to focus on the bride-to-be, so I’ll have to pay special care with that. 3) They don’t like when I say, “You there, make with the adorableness!” (though they then proceed to be adorable on accident in spite of it all).

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